Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Paw Salve (A Soothing and Healing Balm For Your Dogs Paws)

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We're proud to introduce a brand new product to our line of doggie products!

~Violet the Apawthecary Fairy's Paw Salve~

- A healing and soothing balm, good for dry and cracked paws due to activity along rough surfaces (long walks, hot terrains, sandy beach visits as well as snow and ice for our cold weather dogs too). The Paw Salve serves as a "pawdicure", gently bringing relief to not only paws but to dry, cracked noses and elbows as well.


- Beeswax - helps the salve stay put and is antibacterial as well
- Shea Butter - natural moisturizer that helps the paw pads stay soft
- Coconut Oil - another natural moisturizer that is also antibacterial


Some paw salves on the market are soft and go on like a lip gloss. Ours has a bit more beeswax in it on purpose to help it stay put instead of rubbing off easily helping to lock in the moisture of the coconut oil as well as Shea butter. It won't stain carpet and if your dog does lick it, its OK. All the ingredients are doggie safe.

Just use the back of a fingernail to scrape some of the salve from the tin and warm it between your fingers to liquefy and apply it to paw pads, noses, dry elbows. You'll also find that its great for human paws and cuticles too! A "pawdecure" for the two of you : )

Handmade item

Materials: coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter

Made to order

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