Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treat : Ginger Bit Men flavor (Over-Sized Dog Biscuit)

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The League of Crafty Canines are proud to present to you home made and lovingly "paw"-crafted doggie treats you can serve to your favorite
four-legged pal.
'Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treats are the perfect after dinner surprise
for your dog.

'Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treats are made from all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, no artificial food coloring and absolutely gluten free.

These are single size helpings of our 'Ginger Bit Men' treat!
Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treat served us well over the holidays as a
stocking stuffer for friends and dogs alike -
happy to report they were a big hit!
The "Ginger Bit Men" flavor is composed of brown rice flour, black strap molasses, eggs cinnamon, ginger and rosemary.

So much love and attention goes into the treats that Miss Valentine takes a "bite" out of every one of her cookies before they leave her kitchen
(hence her trademark bite on every cookie!)

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