Purple Double Bowl Dog Feeder : 13 Ounce Collapsible Bowls - Birthday Cake Sprinkles Style -

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Collapsible dog bowls are great to travel with, as they can be used as dog food or water bowls, and be used outdoors or in.
Made with high quality flexible material, 100% Lead-free, the collapsible bowls are safe to put in food or water. Dishwasher Safe and easy to clean.
Durable, Reusable and Eco-friendly, easy for storage and transportation. Easy, on- the-go fold up/ collapsible water/food bowl great for car rides, hikes, trips to the dog park. All the other dogs will be jealous!

It comes in a beautiful, swirly, lava lamp mix of colors including purple and green with a purple rim.

Length: 8

Height: 1

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