Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : (Lemon Verbena-Scented) Dry Shampoo For Dogs !

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~Violet the Apawthecary Fairy ~ presents her lovely, Lemon Verbena scented dry shampoo for dogs!

- Have you ever needed to take your dog somewhere and he/she needed a bath but you didn't have the hour or so of time it takes and the clean towels to get the job done? Dry shampoo is a quick fix for that! Its super simple and gives your pup a quick refresh for in between baths and groomer visits.


- Baking Soda - absorbs and neutralizes odors
- Cornstarch - absorbs excess oils and aids in brushing mats from fur
- Ground Lemon Verbena leaves - smells like spring, soothing to the skin and a natural flea and tick repellent
- Lemon Verbena Essential Oil - calming, natural flea and tick repellent


- Remove the metal inner gold lid to reveal the handy sifter/shaker lid and screw shaker lid back on jar.
- Sprinkle on dogs fur and massage into fur. It helps to work in sections
- Brush out excess - OK if done outside or on carpet. It makes a nice carpet refresher too adding another layer of defense to fleas that love to hide in carpet.
- No water needed - just sprinkle, massage and brush to refresh your pup on the go!

- No more stinky dog car rides
- Water saving
- Time saving
- Chemical free, all natural fur refresher

Handmade item

Materials: baking soda, corn starch, lemon verbena leaves, lemon verbena essential oil

Made to order

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