The League of Crafty Canines presents : The Lavender Experience

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The League of Crafty Canines presents :

The Lavender Experience!


We're thrilled to present this stunning assortment of products we've produced for years but have only now assembled as a gift set.  The products presented all have Lavender and Chamomile in common and have always been a favorite of ours to incorporate into thoughtful products. 
The soothing qualities in these ingredients have made it possible to produce wonderful and beautifully scented bathing products.  The same would apply to our all-natural and gluten free dog treats which have always been well received by our canine customers!
Oh, and did we mention that this assortment will ship for free?
Let's take a look at what you'll find in the Lavender Experience box set...
  1.  (1) Bag of Miss Valentine's Tasty Treats : Bedtime Biscuits flavor
  2.  (2) Big bones of Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treat : Bedtime Biscuit flavor
  3.  (1) Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Lavender Pet Shampoo Bar
  4.  (1) Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Lavender Dry Shampoo jar
  5.  (2) Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Lavender Dry Shampoo trial packets

Miss Valentine's Tasty Treats & Miss Valentine's Tastiest Treat : Bedtime Biscuits flavor

Miss Valentine's Tasty Treats are all natural and gluten free, nutrient packed dog cookies, made with human grade ingredients with no artificial preservatives or artificial food coloring.
Ingredients :
Brown Rice Flour - high in protein, fiber, gluten free, trace minerals -
easy on dogs digestive tract causing less gas
and is good for allergy sensitive dogs.
Ground Lavender Flowers - promotes calmness, reduces stress and effects of separation anxiety
Ground Chamomile Flowers - soothing to digestive system, calming, muscle relaxing, anti-anxiety relief
Clover Honey - helps dogs with allergies, fights infections, and helps with digestive problems. vitamins A, B    complex, C, D, E and K, plus minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and more.
Cage free eggs - good protein source, essential fatty acids
Canola Oil - omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
Rosemary - natural preservative, anti-microbial, antioxidant


Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Pet Shampoo Bar (Lavender scent)

Violet the Apawthecary Fairy's Pet Shampoo Bar is an all natural and chemical free soap bar that gently cleans and refreshes your dog's fur and skin.
The creamy lather rinses clean leaving behind a fresh smelling dog.

> Free of chemicals
> 100% biodegradable
> Enviromentally friendly
> High quality, simple natural ingredients
> No synthetics, phosphates, phtalates and parabens
> Won't strip dog's coat
Ingredients :
Saponified oils of Coconut, Sunflower, Olive and Castor
Lavender and Chamomile flowers, Lavender Essential Oil,
Alkanet Root and Indigo for natural color


 Violet the Apawthecary Fairy : Lavender Dry Shampoo & Lavender Dry Shampoo Trial Packets

Have you ever needed to take your dog somewhere and he/she needed a bath but you didn't have the hour or so of time it takes and the clean towels to get the job done? Dry shampoo is a quick fix for that! Its super simple and gives your pup a quick refresh for in between baths and groomer visits.
Ingredients :
Baking Soda - absorbs and neutralizes odors
Cornstarch - absorbs excess oils and aids in brushing mats from fur
Ground Lavender Buds - smells nice, calming, antibacterial and a natural flea and tick repellent
Ground Chamomile Flowers - helps sooth skin irritations and also calming for your dog
Lavender Essential Oil - great for skin healing, calming, antibacterial, natural flea and tick repellent

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