Sweet Sassy Molassy : (Blackstrap Molasses & Peanut Butter) Dog Treats

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Miss Valentine's Tasty Treats are all natural and gluten free, nutrient packed dog cookies, made with human grade ingredients with no artificial preservatives or artificial food coloring. Rosemary is used as a natural preservative as well as being dehydrated to give these cookies about a year shelf life. But if your dog is anything like ours you will be ordering more way before the year ends : )

We call this particular cookie "Sweet Sassy Molassy" which happens to be one of Miss Valentine's favorite recipes. Ingredients include:

~ Brown Rice Flour - high in protein, fiber, gluten free, trace minerals - easy on dogs digestive tract causing less gas
and is good for allergy sensitive dogs.

~ Peanut Butter - high in protein, Omega-3's, Vitamins B & E. The peanut butter we use has NO Xylitol which is toxic to
dogs, no sugar or trans fats

~ Blackstrap Molasses - the most nutrient dense least sweet in the molasses family. Including B6 calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, trace minerals. It also aids in easing arthritis and joint related issues.

~ Cinnamon - helps regulate blood sugar and eases arthritis

~ Cage free eggs - good protein source, essential fatty acids

~ Rosemary - natural preservative, anti-microbial, antioxidant

A lot of time and effort went into creating the recipes for our dog treats. It all started with our sweet Jack Russell, Miss Valentine had terrible skin allergies and ear infections and was constantly licking her paws, red itchy skin and constant vet visits. Our vet suggested we remove all gluten from her diet to see that helped ease her allergy prone state.

We changed her to a raw food diet and eliminated the gluten and she really did a 180 degree turn around losing excess weight, less vet visits, less prescriptions for ear infections and hot spots. We wanted to give her treats but found most were made with gluten, fillers, chemicals and preservatives and that just wasn't going to work for her. So being a good dog mama, off to the kitchen I went to figure out how to make Valentine a treat she would like, full of flavor, no gluten and have nutritional benefits too. After much research, trial and lots of errors, Sweet Sassy Molassy recipe was born with more recipes to follow! Every ingredient has a purpose and benefit and tastes super yum to the doggies and to some humans too! Sassy Molassy are cut out in the classic dog bone shape.

Since Miss Valentine was such an integral part of the research, baking and tasting process, she takes her trademark "bite in spirit" of every dog cookie that leaves our kitchen. We hope your dog loves our treats as much as our dogs do!

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